About TheraTogs

TheoCrawls_400x600TheraTogs™­­ garment and strapping systems are designed and developed to improve outcomes for physical rehabilitation.

They were created to fill a very specific need. Beverly Cusick, an established international authority on pediatric neuromotor development, wanted a way to “send her hands home” with her clients – to get better outcomes by increasing repetitions and improving compliance with her clinical instructions. She was driven by a passion to realize the full potential of rehabilitation based on solid biomechanical principles and neuromuscular science.

After a five-year search for materials, input and suggestions collected from clinical peers, and numerous design attempts (there was even a Buzz Lightyear® phase), the original TheraTogs system – a pre-school Full Body model – was released in the fall of 2002.

The results are stunning – TheraTogs replicates successful manual sensorimotor training techniques with an adaptable garment system that allows the wearer to engage in routine activities with improved joint alignment, all day long.

TheraTogs In Brief

  • TheraTogs are a live-in exo-muscular system for neuromotor, postural, and sensory training.
  • The typical system includes a two –piece garment worn under the clothes and against the skin like underwear. The pants garment – which we call the “Hipster” – is designed with wide openings for easy toileting, so you don’t have to remove the system to go to the bathroom.
  • Each system is uniquely configured by a rehab clinician to meet a client’s specific needs.
  • Using the documentation provided (and DVD, if included) the clinician instructs the caregiver(s) in the proper donning of the garments, and the proper placement of strap(s).
  • The clinician typically starts with just the garments for an initial period, then adds strapping application(s) over time.

In short, TheraTogs systems provide a versatile, flexible approach to addressing and managing a wide range of mobility, sensory input, and stability issues.

Progressive Therapy – By Design

TheraTogs garment and strapping systems are so versatile, so customizable, and can be so immediately effective that we understand the temptation to correct many problems at once and to ask caretakers to follow through.

Please do not try to do so.

In the course of a single therapy session, therapists often wish they had more hands to bring to their efforts to train the client to function in improved postural and limb alignment. We are thrilled to be able to provide these clinicians with those “extra hands” in the form of a Velcro-sensitive garment set and assorted straps.

However, when it comes to designing strapping systems that will continue successful treatments at home by providing the massed practice needed for sensorimotor learning, we suggest that clinicians use TheraTogs progressively.

For more discussion, see the “Use TheraTogs Systems Progressively” entry in the blog.

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