TheraTogs Fulfilment Center 2017

Operations Support Position

We need a conscientious, critical thinker to support key company functions: customer service, order fulfillment and inventory management. Our ideal candidate will:

  • Answer customer calls and emails with friendly and prompt precision, building on our reputation for killer customer service.
  • Converse freely and communicate clearly with customers and distributors who don’t speak English as their first language. (Spanish is our most common challenge.)
  • Delight our customers all over the world with timely fulfillment and accurate shipment of their life-changing orders.
  • Ferociously defend the quality of our products while receiving parts and materials, and help us continue to refine (and document) our quality procedures and objectives.
  • Ride herd on our detailed inventory to keep our operations lean and our costs down.
  • Instinctively identify needs and pitch in to help with product assembly and administrative support – before we even think to ask.
  • Comfortably switch between desk duties and on-your-feet work, and safely lift and carry boxes up to 40 lbs. when necessary.
  • Demonstrate the advanced computer skills needed to own your desktop and make Windows, MS Office, QuickBooks, and various web platforms do your bidding.
  • Thrive in a small-company environment where everyone does a little of everything, and congenial accountability is the norm.

Meeting these expectations requires a minimum of three years’ work experience, strong computer skills, demonstrated work ethic and problem-solving skills, and at least one year of experience successfully interacting with customers. If you’re lacking any of those but still think you’re right for the job, make your case.

We’re starting this position at 24-30 hours/week at an hourly rate (DOE). Within the constraints of your duties we can offer some schedule flexibility. Your work takes place in our Ridgway, CO facility, and you report to the Business Operations Manager.

If you’re the right person, you will make it essential that we grow your responsibilities into a full-time position – and the sooner the better.

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TheraTogs is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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