Frequently Asked Questions

What do TheraTogs do, exactly?

A properly fitted TheraTogs system provides orthotic support to improve postural stability, to enhance functional alignment, and/or to enhance (or inhibit) specific movements. The GoldTone™ garments give the wearer a comfortable, breathable, latex-free “second skin” over his/her trunk and selected limb segments. The fabric is designed to provide vertical stiffness to reinforce trunk stability, and lateral flexibility to grip the soft tissues and provide a comfortable fit. The garments then serve as a Velcro®-sensitive field for attaching elastic TogRite™ strapping, in virtually any configuration, to address the clinician’s rehab objectives.

How do TheraTogs work?

TheraTogs are specialized undergarments and straps customized for the wearer to create a live-in system that provides either neuromotor or postural training, or prolonged proprioceptive input.

  • For wearers with biomechanical or neuromotor issues, TheraTogs work by allowing the clinician to set the patient’s body in proper functional alignment, and letting them re-train their body through the ‘practice’ of daily activities. By applying prolonged, gentle forces during activity, TheraTogs can actually change the muscle and connective tissue – and for infants and young children, bone and joint development as well – in favor of better function and better alignment.
  • For wearers with sensory and sensorimotor issues, TheraTogs work by applying consistent, gentle compression and proprioceptive input across the entire trunk, and by offering stability and support in a dynamic system that moves with the wearer.

Using TheraTogs as ‘wearable therapy’, your client can gain the experience and the benefits of an all-day clinical therapy session. This is what we mean when we tell clinicians they can ‘send their hands home’ with TheraTogs.

How do I know if TheraTogs can help my client (or my child?)

TheraTogs are so adaptable, it would be challenging to list all their potential applications and uses here. Instead, here are a few guidelines:

If the therapist/practitioner can effect a change in the client’s stability, alignment, mobility, or motor control through unforced handling during a therapy session, it’s likely that this change can be replicated and supported outside the session by a properly configured TheraTogs strapping system.

If you or your therapist feel you’re “running out of hands” and could use a few more to effectively manage problems related to positioning (in a wheelchair or on other devices), or to client handling during therapeutic exercise sessions, you’ll also find in TheraTogs very helpful adjunct to your current management strategies.

If your client (child) presents any of these problems, TheraTogs has been shown to be effective in addressing related stability, alignment, and movement issues:

  • Ataxia
  • Hypotonia
  • Athetosis
  • Core or Trunk Weakness • Intoed gait
  • Out-toed gait
  • Joint deviations
  • Joint laxity
  • Muscle recruitment problems
  • Sensory integration issues
  • Postural mal-alignment
  • Muscle imbalance


For more detailed information, click here.

How do I choose a product and size?

The attending clinician identifies the best product model based on the client’s indications and his/her rehab objectives.  TheraTogs are sized according to a combination of weight and specific dimensions. The correct sizing is determined by measurements taken by the clinician. These two pages on this website provide more detail on choosing a TheraTogs system:

How to Choose a TheraTogs System

Select Correct Product Size

How do I learn how to use TheraTogs?

TheraTogs are used every day by therapists and don’t require additional training. Over 45,000 TheraTogs systems have been used by rehab clinicians worldwide. Each system comes with a full set of illustrated instructions, a how-to DVD, or links to how-to videos. Although certification workshops are offered, training is not required. Our Clinical Support team is also there to help if needed.

When used at home, our 3-step process mirrors what the clinician does in therapy, and the wearer gets hours of repetition and improved compliance. Once clinical objectives are identified, applying TheraTogs is easy:

  1. Fit the garment.
  2. Align the spine.
  3. Add TogRite™  strapping to support the core, correct functional alignment, and provide stability for positioning and gait.

Note to wearers: TheraTogs are not an off-the-shelf orthopedic soft goods product that can be used effectively and safely by the typical layperson. Every TheraTogs package is labeled with the reminder that the system must be used under the direction of a licensed rehab professional.

How do I buy TheraTogs?

In the US: As an FDA Class I medical device, TheraTogs are not an off-the-shelf product, and can only be used under the guidance of a rehab clinician. If reimbursement is a factor, request or obtain TheraTogs through your local DME or O&P Provider; a physician’s prescription may be required by the reimbursing agency. If you or your clinic is buying, you can order from any of the catalog distributors that carry TheraTogs.

If the caregiver or client is buying out-of-pocket, he/she can participate, with the attending clinician, in the Research Partner Program.

Outside the US: TheraTogs are available from leading distributors in over 40 countries. See our Global Distributors webpage for details.

See our Purchase page for more details on how to purchase TheraTogs.

Can caregivers purchase them directly? What do they cost?

If you are seeking reimbursement or cost coverage for your TheraTogs system, work with your therapist or rehab clinician to make the purchase through an authorized O&P Provider or DME facility (depending on the requirements of the payor agency). If you want to purchase your TheraTogs system directly (or file a reimbursement claim after purchase), you have two options:

Prices vary by size and model.

Are TheraTogs paid for by health insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare? Is a medical prescription required?

In many cases, yes – third party payors and state Medicaid agencies will pay for TheraTogs if they are requested properly “through the system” as defined by that payor. In most of those cases, the TheraTogs system must be ordered through an O&P (orthotic and prosthetic) provider or a DME (durable medical equipment) organization. Prescription requirements vary by state and by payor, but your provider will likely know the requirements.

The Purchase page on this website has more detailed information.

Is there any research available on TheraTogs use?

Yes. Research and case studies have been performed and published on several TheraTogs applications, and there is a rich foundation of related research that establishes the effectiveness of therapy interventions such as those TheraTogs provide.

Are TheraTogs washable?

Yes! All TheraTogs systems are machine-washable, air-dry, no heat. Click here for detailed information on caring for your TheraTogs products.

How long do TheraTogs last?

TheraTogs are warranted for 6 months for any defects in material or workmanship. With an estimated maximum wear cycle of 12 hours/day, 6 days/week, this represents a ‘projected wear life’ of over 1500 hours. Of course, Your Mileage May Vary – individual wear patterns, washing practices, exercise and perspiration rates, and a number of other factors may reduce or increase that figure. Within six months of purchase, however, we guarantee TheraTogs will retain their fit and function – or we’ll replace any failed components at our cost.

Can I order replacement or supplemental parts as my child grows?

Yes, you can: download the Replacement Parts Form and send it in with the required information, and we’ll send you back a Parts Order Confirmation with the associated costs. You’ll need any one of three forms of proof-of-purchase: your order number, your product registration ID (provided on a postcard included with each system), or the Lot Number of your TheraTogs system.

Do you wear this by itself or can you put on a regular shirt and pants over it?

TheraTogs are meant to be worn against the skin and under clothes where it silently and unobtrusively guides the wearer to a better body.

Does it make using the bathroom a hassle?

Not at all. TheraTogs typical system includes two pieces worn under clothes and against the skin like underwear.  The ‘pants’ portion of the garment (Hipster) is designed with wide openings for easy toileting, so you don’t have to remove it to go to the bathroom.

What kinds of improvements will I see after my child starts wearing TheraTogs?

TheraTogs wearers may expect to engage in routine activities with improved joint alignment and better stability and mobility, all day long.

What does “Wear It Live It Learn It” Mean?

Wear It. Put on your TheraTogs and you are wearing the therapeutic corrections your clinician has prescribed – instead of trying to remember how you’re supposed to stand, sit, or move.

Live It. Get dressed and go about your daily activities. With your TheraTogs on, you are living your therapy, incorporating it into your normal life – not waiting for the next therapy session.

Learn It. Your body naturally adapts to the thousands of repetitions your daily activities generate. Muscles lengthen or shorten; joint alignments change; movement patterns shift.

If you wear your changes, you live your changes, and your body will learn them.

What is exchange and return policy?

TheraTogs are warranted to arrive complete and free of defects in manufacturing, assembly, or materials. We guarantee that TheraTogs components will keep their shape and documented function for a minimum of six months from first date of use. If any part or component fails these standards, we will replace it free of charge. The effectiveness of TheraTogs is dependent on a wide range of factors outside of the control of TheraTogs, Inc. Results are not guaranteed. See our full Warranty & Return Policy here.

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