TheraTogs Benefits & Outcomes

The primary purpose of TheraTogs is to enable better outcomes with four powerful advantages:

  • TheraTogs Do What Therapy Does. If the clinician can manually correct postural or biomechanical issues for a client without force, then TheraTogs can be configured to do the same – with gentle, prolonged stretch and supple support. It’s traditional, science-based therapy – delivered in under-the-clothes comfort.
  • Wearable Therapy Improves Compliance. The client can wear her prescribed positioning, postural alignment, and functional support for hours – without breaking the daily routine for at-home manipulation sessions or out-of-the-classroom breaks.
  • Repetitions Change the Body. The body adapts to the history of use – literally changing muscle and bone to the patterns of posture, gait, and function over time. Picture the impact of thousands of daily repetitions while in corrected alignment.
  • Improved Foundation Enables Faster Progress. The whole team – client, caregiver, and clinician – can move rehab progress faster and farther when the foundations of postural and functional alignment are more solid. TheraTogs help get past the basics, and enables the “what’s next?”

Adults benefit, too. Although TheraTogs are currently used primarily in pediatric rehab, the same benefits accrue to adult wearers (with or without caretakers) and their attending clinicians.

How TheraTogs Benefit You

TheraTogs Enable Clinicians to...

  • Address bone and joint development issues in infants and young children – countering the potential long-term pathomechanics that await.
  • Improve your client’s body awareness and postural stability – building a foundation for future progress.
  • Use neural plasticity and neuromotor relearning to your clinical advantage. Modify both resting and functional joint alignment so that daily activities reinforce corrected alignment.
  • Improve your client’s stability and motor performance during therapy sessions – so you can focus on other improvements.
  • Increase compliance with wearable therapy, so that your caregivers don’t have to become therapists.
  • Multiply the effects of therapy sessions with thousands of corrected repetitions during the client’s regular daily activities.

Caregiver Advantages from TheraTogs...

  • Make better progress. TheraTogs help your child work from a foundation of improved core strength, postural stability, and functional alignment – essential to all further improvements.
  • Get more value. Get thousands of repetitions and hours of therapy practice for the cost of a few sessions. Wearable therapy gives you more “bang for the buck” than all the instructions, reminders, videos and exercise sheets you can collect.
  • Get help. Dress your child in his “super suit” in the morning, and let it give him the guiding, cueing and reminders needed during daily activities. Increase your support without being on “compliance patrol” all day.MomSpeaks_150
  • Be the Good Guy. Meet treatment objectives without using force, without interrupting playtime, without changing the flow of the day.

But don’t just take our word for it – let Becky tell her story:


Benefits for the Wearer...


Immediate Effect. Although many improvements take longer to kick in, it’s amazing what can happen in the first TheraTogs wear session. Results depend on the issues at hand, of course.

Improved Confidence = New Possibilities. It’s encouraging to see what the TheraTogs wearer can do, once his core is stable and his postural and functional alignment is corrected. Given a confident base, all kinds of improvements – some sought, others not imagined – are possible. (This is a common theme running through our Testimonials.)

Long-term Gains. Biomechanical change – both positive and negative – is cumulative over time. If the foundations of movement and function are improved with TheraTogs, the wearer can develop advanced skills… and avoid advanced degradation to joints, long-term pathomechanics, and compromised neuromotor health.

Outcomes TheraTogs Can Enhance

  • Reduce Excessive Lateral or Medial Leg Rotation
  • Facilitate Knee Extension
  • Reduce Knee Hyperextension
  • Facilitate Knee Flexion
  • Address Ligament Laxity Issues (Genu Varum or Genu Valgum)
  • Enhance Lateral Rotation in Infants
  • Reduce Shoulder Protraction
  • Reduce Positional (Flexible) Forearm Pronation
  • Reduce Shoulder Subluxation
  • Reduce Pelvic Rotation
  • Reduce Excessive Anterior Pelvic Tilt
  • Facilitate Increased Lumbar Lordosis and Hip Flexion
  • Apply Vertical Compression for Ataxia
  • Reduce Hip Adductor Dominance
  • Facilitate Hip Abduction and Stability
  • Reduce Scissor Gait
  • Facilitate Hip Rotation – Lateral or Medial
  • Facilitate Hip Extension
  • Reduce Excessive Lateral or Medial Leg Rotation
  • Facilitate Knee Extension
  • Reduce Knee Hyperextension
  • Facilitate Knee Flexion
  • Address Ligament Laxity Issues (Genu Varum or Genu Valgum)

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