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What are TheraTogs? How do they work?

TheraTogs are specialized undergarments and straps customized for your patient to create a live-in system that provides either neuromotor or postural training, or prolonged proprioceptive input.

  • For patients with biomechanical or neuromotor issues, TheraTogs work by allowing the clinician to set the patient’s body in proper functional alignment, and letting them re-train their body through the ‘practice’ of daily activities.  By applying prolonged, gentle forces during activity, TheraTogs can actually change the muscle and connective tissue – and for infants and young children, bone and joint development as well – in favor of better function and better alignment.
  • For patients with sensory and sensorimotor issues, TheraTogs work by applying consistent, gentle compression and proprioceptive input across the entire trunk, and by offering stability and support in a dynamic system that moves with the patient.

Using TheraTogs as ‘wearable therapy’, your patient can gain the experience and the benefits of an all-day clinical therapy session. This is what we mean when we tell clinicians they can “send their hands home” with TheraTogs.

Rather than receive only 1 to 3 hours of therapy per week, the typical TheraTogs client receives up to 10 hours of wearable therapy every day – easily up to 50 hours per week!

What are TheraTogs used for?

TheraTogs can be used to address a wide range of neuromotor, postural, and sensory issues. Here are some of the diagnoses that TheraTogs are used for:

  • Ataxia
  • Hypotonia
  • Postural mal-alignment
  • Athetosis
  • Intoed gait
  • Out-toed gait
  • Flexible joint deviations
  • Diplegia in childhood
  • Hemiplegia
  • Autism
  • Attention deficit disorders
  • Muscle recruitment problems
  • Sensory integration/processing issues
  • Pain due to muscle imbalances
  • Joint laxity

Your clinician can tell you if your patient has movement, alignment, or sensory indications that TheraTogs can help with.

How can I buy TheraTogs?

Like the medical device marketplace itself, the answer can be somewhat complicated. There’s more detail on our Reimbursement  page, but here’s a quick list of options to summarize your choices:

  • If reimbursement is a factor, request or prescribe TheraTogs through your local O&P Provider. This is especially helpful if your client needs to seek reimbursement by federal, state, or private payor agencies — they typically require billing through orthotists, since most claims treat TheraTogs as an orthotic device.
  • If your clinician is buying, he or she can order from any of our catalog distributors.
  • If you are buying out-of-pocket, you and your clinician can participate in the Research Partner Program now being offered by Progressive GaitWays, LLC.  You can get information about the program from their website  or we can send it to you upon request.

Are TheraTogs paid for by health insurance?

In some cases, yes. Check your policy, contact your insurance company, and talk to your clinician to see what circumstances and requirements apply to you. Your clinician has to determine the appropriate billing code, medical necessity and documentation required by the Payor.

Many state Medicaid programs and several private payors, for example, will reimburse for TheraTogs if they are purchased through an approved orthotics clinic or DME facility. Our website has information that may help your clinician answer questions.

Can I buy a TheraTogs system without a prescription?

TheraTogs products are sold through the recommendations of licensed clinicians (physical therapists, occupational therapists, and orthotists) and distributors. They do not require a prescription from a doctor, although you may need a prescription to get reimbursed (see your policy or contact your insurance company for details).

If your clinician doesn’t know about TheraTogs, send them to our website or have them contact Customer Service: • (888) 634 0495.

How do I know what size to order?

Strictly speaking, your licensed clinician should size and fit the TheraTogs system, although they may contact you between appointments and ask for certain measurements. (Most TheraTogs systems are sized by a combination of weight, shoulder-to-hip length, and hip-to-knee length.)

Do not buy or fit TheraTogs on your own.

For additional information on sizing, please see the links at left and download the Product Sizing Chart.

Is there any research available?

Yes, there have been several studies done on specific TheraTogs applications. There is also a large body of research on the effects of biomechanical correction and sensory input – the kinds of changes that TheraTogs can make.

Check out our Research page for more information. You can also find research specific to each product on the individual product pages.

Can TheraTogs be worn all day, or is there a time limit for wearing?

There is no generic or standard wearing schedule; it depends on what the clinician and the caregivers determine is the best for the patient, and what’s most realistic for the patient’s circumstances. For most wearers, it’s best to start slow, wearing only the garments for a week or so, and then adding strapping if/as needed.

(In many cases, TheraTogs cause the patient to use muscles that have been underused, so fatigue is to be expected.)

How should I care for our TheraTogs?

We provide Product Care instructions with all TheraTogs systems. You should review these with your clinician before you start using the product.

How long will TheraTogs last? Is there a warranty?

It’s hard to generalize: garment wearing (and washing) patterns are recommended by the clinician, but carried out by the caregiver – and they can vary dramatically among TheraTogs customers. Obviously, daily wear against skin can be wearing on any fabric.

TheraTogs are designed to last for six months of daily all-day wear. Follow the product care instructions carefully to get the most out of your system. The outer fabric is very durable; the inner foam layer is more delicate. Under normal use, surface blemishes like scrapes, cuts, or stains will occur in the foam layer. TheraTogs continue to perform as long as the foam layer ‘grips’ the skin.

The product is warranted against manufacturing defects for six months. If you believe your product has a defect within the warranty period, please contact Customer Service right away for a replacement:

(888) 634 0495 or

Can I order replacement or additional parts?

Yes—after purchasing a System, you may replace any of the components without buying another system. You can also order additional pieces if needed, as determined by your clinician. See our Ordering Parts web page for more information.

What is a TheraTogs Superhero?

Pita_ProfileOur creative Italian distributor,  Ortopedia Castagna, came up with a great storyline and a handful of really fun animal characters that illustrate how TheraTogs can give the wearer the “super powers” of balance, stability, and functional alignment.  Thus, the TheraTogs Team was born – to have adventures and show the world

There’s a unique character for each TheraTogs model – Pita the squirrel is shown at right, wearing the Posture & Torso Alignment (PTA) system that gives her super powers. The group makes its home in the San Juan mountains outside of Telluride.

Each TheraTogs wearer is invited to join the superheroes on the team’s adventures, or make up their own stories revolving around their own super powers.

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