The TheraTogs Team of Superheroes

Introducing… The TheraTogs Team!

Far away, at a secret base hidden in the towering San Juan mountains of Colorado, several shadowy figures approach, each from a different direction to avoid discovery. The magical village of Telluride sits in the canyon below, its happy citizens unaware of the drama above.

Who are these mysterious creatures? Why does their golden clothing glow with power and purpose?

It is the TheraTogs Team, gathering for another mission!

These young superheroes have banded together to battle evil and villainy in all forms. Whenever there is trouble, the TheraTogs Team steps in to save the day.

Team Members are especially alert when any of their friends with extra needs are having difficulties – because all the team members have faced those challenges themselves.

The members of the TheraTogs Team are easy to recognize. They each have their own superhero suit, made just for them, which makes them stronger. Their powerful ‘super suits’ are emblazoned with the special crest that only Team members can wear.

The heroes of the TheraTogs Team are always ready to put on their superhero suits and set off on a mission!

Stay tuned as we introduce these brave superheroes and follow them on their adventures…

More Heroes Are Needed…

There is much to do to improve the world, so the Team is looking for new members right now. Not just anyone can be a superhero, of course: it takes courage and hard work, which is why young people with their own super suits always make the best candidates.

Who will be the next superhero to join the TheraTogs Team?


(Story and characters produced under license from PRODOTTI ORTOPEDIA CASTAGNA)

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