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Putting TheraTogs to WorkHave you ever wondered why you were born?

I thought I knew, when I became a physical therapist – but 30 years later I learned that I was born to invent and to continue to develop TheraTogs systems.

In the 12 years since we introduced them to the world of rehabilitation, they’ve found their place in neuromotor education and re-education, in orthopedic development, and in the management of children on the autism spectrum and with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

I’m amazed and gratified to note that, as of this writing, TheraTogs are used in 46 countries!

TheraTogs were created to contribute to the effectiveness of treatment sessions by granting therapists extra guiding “hands” in the way of a cozy, Velcro-sensitive “ectoskeleton” and straps, and to deliver customized “training-by-doing” between therapy sessions. They manifest the principles of the most fundamental sciences supporting clinical rehabilitation and the established therapeutic approaches. We’re certain of the merits of their design and purpose.

As I intended to help the wearers and their attending clinicians to reach new levels of success together, TheraTogs, Inc. has also devoted considerable energy to educating our colleagues and to supporting researchers – those of you who have come to this page. This section of the website is for you!


Beverly (Billi) Cusick, PT, MS, C/NDT, COF – TheraTogs Invetnor and Chief Medical Officer

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