Is Training Necessary to Use TheraTogs Correctly?

CTF WorkshopNot really, no. TheraTogs supply the same stability and correctional guidance that a clinician commonly uses in therapy sessions.  Your clinician already knows what she wants TheraTogs to accomplish, even if she’s never used them before. Instructional DVD’s and printed guidelines are included in each system for the first-time user. Clinical Support is also just an email or phone call away.

That said, we do offer training and certification to those clinicians who want to deepen their expertise, and who want their clients to know that they’ve been fully trained in TheraTogs applications.


Certified TheraTogs Fitter (CTF) Program

Our CTF program recognizes clinicians who have been trained in TheraTogs applications and principles. The Certified TheraTogs Fitter (CTF) designation offers a number of significant benefits to a wide range of clinicians:

  • Application-focused training to improve your outcomes when using TheraTogs.
  • CEUs for professional training and re-certification.
  • Participation in the new TheraTogs clinician referral network. We are constantly asked by caregivers for referrals to trained clinicians in their vicinity; clinicians who have been through our TheraTogs Fitter program will be first on the list.
  • Premier access to advanced news about reimbursement, products, and additional training.
  • Participation in focus groups and field trials for new products and new materials.

To support the CTF program, we’ve arranged with Progressive GaitWays, LLC (Beverly Cusick’s training company) to offer a series of one-day training workshops in major metro areas around the country. Both workshops will provide CEUs for physical therapists and orthotists. See our Events Calendar for a current list of training dates and locations.


Tiered Training Levels

Currently, there are two levels of TheraTogs Fitter certification available via training from Progressive GaitWays, LLC:

Posture & Torso Alignment for Pediatric Neuromotor Training (CTF Level I)

In this one-day workshop, we will review the basic principles of torso and posture alignment, and the management thereof by the rehab clinician. After lunch (provided) you’ll have over two hours of supervised hands-on practice, using the TheraTogs Posture & Torso Alignment (PTA) system to address torso alignment, posture, and stability issues.

Attendees who successfully complete the basic TheraTogs application test at the end of the lab will receive the Certified TheraTogs Fitter – Level I credential, and are qualified to attend the Level II workshop on the following day, or any Level II workshop offered at a later date.

Pediatric In-Toeing & Out-Toeing Management Strategies (CTF Level II)

This program builds upon the foundation laid in CTF Level I, and features a brief review of pediatric orthopedic lower-extremity (LE) skeletal and joint development as it occurs in the transverse plane – i.e. medial and lateral joint rotation and medial and lateral long bone torsion – and in relation to deviations in foot progression angle (FPA) – i.e. in-toeing and out-toeing.

In the afternoon lab session, attendees receive a copy of the Beverly Cusick DVD entitled Legs & Feet: A Review of Musculoskeletal Assessments (regularly $59). You will learn three LE musculoskeletal assessments that pertain to TP alignment and gait problems: hip rotation ROM in hip extension, modified Ryder’s test, and the modified thigh-foot angle.

Attendees will be trained in strapping procedures applied to improve functioning alignment of the femur at the hip joint and of the leg at the knee joint. At the conclusion of the lab, attendees are evaluated on their ability to demonstrate these same procedures.

Level II UE, when offered, will be focused on Upper Extremity applications (primarily for occupational & speech therapists and rehab technologists).

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