Orthotist_consult3First, a thank-you to our Authorized TheraTogs O&P Providers!

We know that it can be challenging to get reimbursed for TheraTogs in the current regulatory environment, and we appreciate your extra efforts to make TheraTogs available to your referring clinicians, caregivers, and clients.

We’ve put together this section of the website to offer resources helpful to that effort – both in the navigation links and the Additional Resources shown at lower left. If there are other reimbursement support references that we can provide, please let us know.

And now for the latest news…

Spread the Word – TheraTogs are now code-verified and reimbursement-ready!

Your referring clinicians want to know how the new TheraTogs Dragonfly TLSO system – which includes the classic TheraTogs garment components – can help their clients.

You want to be their preferred source for TheraTogs systems.

Solution: Order the Dragonfly Inservice/Demo Kit for a grab-and-go presentation!

Ready to kick-start your referrals with world-class continuing education? Training Sponsorship opportunities now offered.

TheraTogs now offers sponsorship options for O & P and rehab facilities. Build collaborative relationships by sharing learning opportunities!

Click to download:

Course Offerings Sponsorship Packages

…or contact courses@theratogs.com

Pediatric Dragonfly

TheraTogs Are Now Code-Verified

The big news, of course, is that our new Dragonfly TLSO is code-verified (L-0456) by PDAC and is now on the market! Check out the Dragonfly web page or contact us (info@theratogs.com or 888-634-0495) for more details!

Training and CEUs are Available

Our training partner, Progressive GaitWays, offers ABC-accredited workshops in posture & torso alignment, pediatric in-toeing & out-toeing management strategies, and the use of TheraTogs to support each. Both workshops award a Certified TheraTogs Fitter credential upon completion. See our Event Calendar listings for workshops in your area – or contact us about sponsoring one for your local clinicians.

Ready for Referrals?

Our Provider Locator geographic search function allows clinicians and caregivers to find your business. If you’re not yet listed, contact Sylva Hamilton (shamilton@theratogs.com), our Business Operations Manager, to get the ball rolling.

New Providers Welcome

If you’re a Provider new to TheraTogs — usually because you’ve been asked by one of your client clinicians to order them for the first time — please contact Sylva Hamilton (shamilton@theratogs.com), our Business Operations Manager, to set up a new account. You can also request a New Provider Packet by sending an email to providers@theratogs.com.

Save Time and Money

The #1 cause of product exchanges (and the delays and paperwork they generate) is ordering the wrong size. We encourage you to submit a completed TheraTogs Sizing Chart with your order – which means, of course, making sure that your referring clinicians provide complete sizing information.

Products Update

Now Available: Muscle by the Yard™

Our unique TogRite™ strapping has a wide range of orthotic and orthopedic uses outside their use with TheraTogs systems. A number of orthotists find that the combination of strength + grip + loop surface makes TogRite a versatile and handy supply item to have in the fabrication lab. See our Clinical Products page for more details.

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