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Authorized TheraTogs Providers may order directly from the company. We will ship to your location, or drop-ship to a US location you designate, typically within 5-7 working days – with no shipping or handling charges.

The easiest way to place your order is to fill out the Sizing Form and submit it with your company purchase order or our Order Form (or both) – either via fax (877) 202-5965 or by email to

To prevent confusion when the system arrives, include a purchase order number or client last name on your order.

New to TheraTogs?

If you are a new Provider who hasn’t ordered from us before, please contact Customer Service at (888) 634-0495 or email to receive a New Provider Packet of information.

Getting the Sizing Right

TheraTogs are sized by a combination of weight and body dimensions, expressed in a range. The key body dimensions are based on bony landmarks  that have been physically measured on the wearer.

Example: As shown on the Sizing Chart, the GFB200 fits pre-school children who are between 15 and 25 pounds, who measure no more than 13.5″ from shoulder to hip (ASIS), and who measure no more than 11.75″ from hip (ASIS) to knee.

Step One: Get the Measurements

Wunzi Measurements

For Wunzi systems:

The Torso Length is the distance from C7 to the navel. Measure down the back and over the diaper, since the Wunzi is normally worn that way.

Belly Girth is measured at the navel.

SizeMeasurements_MainFor TheraTogs garment systems, measure:

Shoulder to ASIS (STA) to determine the length of the client’s upper torso and the correct size of the TankTop garment.

ASIS to Knee (ATK) to determine the length of the client’s lower torso and the correct size of the Hipster garment.

For Dragonfly TLSO systems:

In addition to the TheraTogs garment system measurements described above, you also need to measure:

Distance from C7 to Coccyx

Chest girth at the nipple line.

Hip girth at the navel.

Step Two:  Chart the Model Size

Use the Sizing Chart to choose the correct size of the selected TheraTogs product, based on the combination of weight and dimensions.

It’s a good idea to require the referring therapist or clinician to fill out the Sizing Chart herself, but at the very least make sure that she/he provides the client weight and measurements.

Mixed Sizes Available

Although the TheraTogs size ranges provide a proper fit for most wearers, there are occasions when the wearer’s measurements are outside the defined ranges – typically, the ASIS-to-Knee (ATK) measurement is shorter than indicated by the wearer’s weight.

Once you’ve double-checked your measurements (accidents do happen, after all), you can order a “Mixed System” in which the TankTop garment is one size, and the Hipster garment is another. Place your order for the larger system, and specify that it’s a Mixed System containing the smaller garment. A “GFB300 Mixed System with 200 Hipster” is an example of a typical mixed-system order.

Most of our distributors and providers are familiar with the process, but if you have any questions, please contact Customer Support: or (888) 634-0495.

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