TherAlign Dragonfly TLSO

TherAlign_Color_175The TherAlign™ Dragonfly TLSO  is here!

The new Dragonfly TLSO is the first product released in the TherAlign family of neuromotor training orthoses – a new generation of orthoses combining warm-and-form brace stability with TheraTogs™ garment systems!

PDAC Code-verified: L-0456 • PDAC Letter: Dragonfly TLSO


The first entry in the TherAlign product line is the exciting new Dragonfly™ TLSO. The Dragonfly TLSO allows an orthotist or other qualified clinician to:

  • Support the client’s spine and trunk with a lightweight, rigid panel – while training the neuromotor system into more functional alignment with the garment subsystem.
  • Custom-form a spinal support anchored on the pelvis to promote superior torso stability throughout the core.
  • Provide abdominal support and intracavitary pressure without restricting respiration or requiring a complicated tightening device.
  • Facilitate long-term neuromotor improvements that address the causes of postural and spinal issues – with a live-in orthotic solution that does much more than simply immobilize the spine.

Benefits for the Orthotist...

Waterless warm-and-form fitting process creates a custom-fit TLSO in 25 minutes or less.

Unique double-wing design delivers superior stability, comfort, and torso support with
minimum weight and bulk.

Quick-release tabs instantly anchor the Anterior Apron to the Dragonfly and garment subsystem, securing the device snugly on the body.

Hook-sensitive TLSO exterior offers infinite attachment options for optimizing the system.

Code-verified status simplifies reimbursement claims.

Benefits for the Client...

Clients – when fitted with the Dragonfly TLSO, you can:

  • Wear your customized postural support discreetly, under loose clothing. Most adult models weigh one pound or less, and pediatric sizes weigh only a few ounces.
  • Build trunk stability from the pelvis up – align and strengthen your entire core without excessive abdominal constriction.
  • Enjoy custom-fit comfort that allows easy, supported movement and normal respiration.

TherAlign Dragonfly™ TLSO delivers what your clients need to address flexible postural deficits and spinal strength issues with comfort and discretion – key elements to compliance!

Spinal Support and Dynamic Neuromotor Training – combined in one solution!

The Dragonfly TLSO consists of a heat-moldable spinal support component and a garment subsystem for the upper and lower torso –creating a one-of-a-kind solution for a wide range of client issues:

If your client has one or more of these indications …

Truncal hypotonia
Forward head
Flexible kyphosis
Flexible lordosis
Excessive pelvic tilt
Trunk muscle weakness
Post-laminectomy flexible kyphosis
Shoulder protraction or scapular winging that improves with spinal extension
Mild, functional scoliosis that can be corrected without force

The Dragonfly TLSO can:

Improve postural alignment for functional limb use

Limit excess trunk movement in the sagittal and frontal planes

Shorten and retrain trunk extensor muscles

Shorten and retrain abdominal muscles

Improve respiratory capacity by reducing flexible kyphosis

Create vertical compression through the vertebral bodies to optimize bone growth and density

Reduce pressure on lumbar intervertebral disks via intracavitary pressure applied by the Anterior Apron


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