Order Support

There are a number of ways to get help when ordering TheraTogs:

Distributor Support

Every authorized TheraTogs distributor has customer service staff ready to help you with product selection, sizing, and pricing. If you’re buying from a distributor in the US or worldwide, contact them first for assistance.

Clinical Support

The TheraTogs Clinical Support Team is available during business hours to assist in product selection, proper sizing, and effective use of TheraTogs applications. Clinical Support can answer your questions, link you to helpful videos, and review photos or videos of your client, if necessary.

Contact: Support@TheraTogs.com • (888) 634-0495, ext. 403 • (01) 970-239-0108

Customer Help Desk

Our Customer Help Desk team can help you with any questions about order status, account status, product options, and sizing.

Contact: Help@TheraTogs.com • (888) 634-0495, ext. 301 • (01) 970-728-7078

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