Orthotist ConsultMany third party payors and state Medicaid agencies will pay for TheraTogs if they are requested properly “through the system” as defined by that payor. In most of those cases, the TheraTogs system must be ordered through an O&P (orthotic and prosthetic) provider or a DME (durable medical equipment) facility by TheraTogs product code.  The provider will then submit an insurance funding request that includes a doctor’s prescription plus a firm, persuasive and specific LMN that’s been written by the patient’s therapist. The funding request must indicate the appropriate HCPCS billing code.

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Prescription requirements vary by state and by payor, but your provider of choice will likely know the requirements. If they need more information, have them contact Lee Taylor at

We know this can be a little challenging. We’re working diligently on some solutions that will make the reimbursement path clearer. Stay tuned!

Note: By reporting reimbursement results that have been voluntarily provided by our customers, we are not recommending any specific codes or providing reimbursement application advice. Your use of this information is at your own discretion and risk, and is your own responsibility. TheraTogs, Inc. makes no express or implied warranties or promises that any of the information provided herein will result in full or partial reimbursement by any agency or third-party payor, and TheraTogs, Inc. shall not be liable or responsible for any consequences or damages of any kind arising from your use of the information.

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