Research Partner Program

The TheraTogs Research partner program gives caregivers the opportunity to work through a clinician and purchase TheraTogs rehab systems directly from Progressive GaitWays, our research and training partner, on condition of providing anonymous patient and clinical outcomes data from their TheraTogs use.  As an incentive for submitting the follow-up data, Progressive GaitWays offers a 30% rebate on the purchase price when the outcomes data requirements are met. The program collects the data regardless of the nature of the outcomes or findings – good, bad, or inconclusive.

This program, now in its ninth year, has allowed over 1,000 clients to gain improved outcomes from TheraTogs while providing valuable research data used to support reimbursement claims, product design, and additional TheraTogs product development.

The Research Partner Program is only available in the United States. For more information follow this link to the Progressive GaitWays website.



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