TheraTogs Posture & Torso Alignment (PTA) System

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The Posture & Torso Alignment (PTA) System is the preferred starting point for improving your client outcomes with the wearable therapy of TheraTogs.

The PTA was designed to leverage the human ‘upright’ response into improved functional alignment, taking full advantage of the neuromotor system’s ability to learn and adapt to corrected alignment.

The PTA system consists of two garments and a small set of straps – a basic system that’s simple to apply, cost-effective, and easy to train caregivers in its use.

Clinicians: Start with the simplified PTA and you can see immediate results (plus, you’ll build up your “Togging” skills). By focusing on trunk stability and postural alignment, you’ll lay the foundation for better advanced outcomes.

Caregivers: The new PTA system is exactly what your child needs to get started in TheraTogs – it’s simple to use, it only takes a few minutes to put on, and it gives your child postural and torso retraining all day long.

Assessing & Addressing Postural Alignment

We’ve put together a Postural Alignment Algorithm that will help clinicians determine their best options in managing postural alignment. The algorithm, authored by TheraTogs founder Beverly Cusick, offers a ‘flowchart’ approach to decision-making when considering postural alignment issues.

Product Specifics

The PTA System can be effectively used to address a number of indications:

  • Hypotonia
  • Flexible kyphosis
  • Flexible lordosis / excessive pelvic tilt
  • Difficulty maintaining midline trunk and sitting balance
  • Weak trunk muscles
  • Shoulder protraction & scapular abduction

Working together, the client, clinician and caregiver can achieve these and similar outcomes with the PTA System:

  • Shortening of trunk muscles – letting them work in, and adapt to, a shortened state
  • Improved posture
  • Improved respiratory capacity
  • Reduced deviations between thorax and pelvis
  • Increased sensory awareness
  • Gentle shoulder retraction and scapular stabilization

Step 1: Read about the Skeletal Modeling Process NDTA Modeling Process

Step 2: Read about the Soft Tissue Modeling Process NDTA Soft Tissue Modeling

Step 3: Read about Musculoskeletal Changes in the Sagittal Plane NDTA Musculoskeletal Sagittal

Step 4: Read about Musculoskeletal Changes in the Frontal Plane NDTA Musculoskeletal Frontal

Step 5:  Review compilation of supporting research, however short version. Literature Support

Please search additional articles specific to indications and therapy outcomes: Science Research Page

The PTA System is available in the models and sizes shown below.

Note: In most cases, the Infant PTA System is appropriate only for larger infants with neuromotor issues requiring more hip and pelvis control than that which is provided by the Wunzi Infant System.

Model #

Model Name

Weight (lbs.)

Max Shoulder-to-Hip (in.)

Max Hip-to-Knee (in.)


Posture & Torso Alignment System: Infant

15 – 25




Posture & Torso Alignment System: Pre-School

25 – 45




Posture & Torso Alignment System: Pediatric

45 – 65




Posture & Torso Alignment System: Teen/Petite Adult

65 – 110



TheraTogs systems are FDA Class I medical devices intended to be issued by, and applied under the supervision of, a licensed healthcare practitioner engaged in neuromotor training. TheraTogs systems are made of GoldTone – a proprietary and patented latex-free composite fabric with foam backing made of an aqueous-based elastomeric urethane. TogRite strapping is latex-free elastomeric strapping with an inert, silicone-based grip surface.
TheraTogs™, Therapy You Wear™, TogRite™ and Wunzi™ are trademarks of TheraTogs, Inc. TheraTogs systems are protected by US Patents # 8,007,457 and 8,535,256 B2, and Canadian patent #2495769. Additional US and foreign patents pending.

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