Choosing A TheraTogs System

TheraTogs are assembled in different combinations of components to address similar needs. In general, follow these steps to choose the appropriate TheraTogs for your individual client(s):

Step One: Evaluate your client.

Identify rehab management objectives that TheraTogs can be expected to effectively address. Start with any core strength or postural alignment issues, and work outward to the limbs. If the client’s gait is involved, identify any need for foot positioning or orthotic assistance; TheraTogs’ improvements to gait patterns are only as good as the human-ground interface they’re built upon.

Step Two: Measure and record baseline abilities and movement ranges.

Use an appropriate standard test (PEDI, GMFM, WeeFIM, etc.) to quantify current metrics, and set rehab objectives accordingly.

Step Three: Refine your options.

Determine the appropriate TheraTogs system based on your client’s indication(s) and your rehab objectives. You can use one of the Management Algorithms offered below, or check out TheraTogs by Indication or TheraTogs Applications for further information.

Management algorithm for posture alignment issues in infants. (Download PDF)


Management algorithm for postural alignment issues for children and adults. (Download PDF)

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To learn more about a specific product – including its intended uses, sizing requirements, and ordering information – click on the product in the list at left. Clinical professionals can also contact Clinical Support at or 970-239-0108.

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