Selecting the Correct Product Size

SizeChartExamplesTheraTogs are sized by a combination of weight and body dimensions, expressed in a range; each size of each product fits all wearers within that range.

The GFB200, for example, fits pre-school children who are between 15 and 25 pounds, who measure no more than 13.5″ from shoulder to hip (ASIS), and who measure no more than 11.75″ from hip to knee.

Use the TheraTogs Sizing Chart to choose the correct size of the selected TheraTogs product, based on the combination of weight and bony landmark measurements that have been physically measured on the wearer.

Product models are numbered according to their size range. All pre-school sized TheraTogs systems are numbered in the 200’s, for example: GFB200, GLE201, PTA210, and so forth.

Note: Don’t guess or estimate size. Incorrect sizing is the #1 cause of product returns (and restocking fees). Don’t be a statistic!

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