How TheraTogs Work

Billi_TeachingUnderstanding how TheraTogs was designed and by whom is important. Consider years working in a clinical environment. TheraTogs is designed by a pediatric physical therapist, Beverly “Billi” Cusick, PT, MS, C/NDT, COF, who wanted to extend and promote clinical changes for children with neuromotor dysfunction. Matching clinical function and clinical goals to a dynamic and versatile system is the How. The why? To allow children with neuromotor dysfunction to be children. To allow a child to play and expend less energy in order to do so. The other why? To minimize the need for surgeries and pain due to imbalances of joint and muscular systems.

How? Reverse engineer all the goals and methods utilized during clinical sessions. To reverse engineer the methods used during clinical sessions requires  a clinician with strong clinical skills and strong academic background, aka Beverly Cusick.  Why? That is not engineered. It is about seeing a deficit (frustration) in therapy and equipment options for a population in need (empathy and passion) and offering a clinical tool (clinical experience and expertise). Learn more about the technology behind the TheraTogs garments and straps below. Learn more about how to apply and when to apply the TheraTogs system below.

What It’s Made of and Why

The Technology Behind TheraTogs: Grip Reposition Retrain

How To Use It, When to Use It

TheraTogs Method

How it’s Applied

To improve, or alter postural control by way of improving Center of Mass and Base of Support. How to add strapping is based on Postural Assessments, assessments for Muscle Balance and observing Movement Strategies.

TheraTogs Method

When to Use it

By improving postural control, the somatosensory system is activated. Improved trunk control leads to improved limb use. TheraTogs is used to create improvements in Postural Control, Muscle Balance and Movement Strategies.

Proving it Works

Case Studies, Clinical Summaries and Success Stories

Anecdotal evidence is evidence. But anecdotal data is weak clinical evidence. Observational hypothesis derived from prior plausibility drives clinical research. What can you measure in clinic to gain insight into effects on:



TheraTogs applications and methods are built on treatment progressions that move from one step to another, building outcomes in a circular feedback loop. What is Clinical Research built on:


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