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  • Carolyn, OT/R

    Another type of child that is benefitting from TheraTogs is the "hyperactive" child and/or child with attention deficit disorder. With the use of TheraTogs, I can get the child to functionally focus on tasks and decrease the amount of distractabilty. This is due to the TheraTogs system providing a type of pressure or comfort needed for a child with distractabilty to process or take in the environment.

    The term we use is homeostasis. It is somewhat easy for most of us to achieve so we can function and do many different things throughout the day. But for others they require external help, ie., TheraTogs, to achieve this so they can participate in higher learning and attend to functional daily skills.

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  • Daria, Mom

    My four year old daughter got TheraTogs two days ago. The change in her walking is AMAZING. She used to walk with her left foot/leg turned in 45 to 90 degrees. Braces were not stopping this rotation from the hip. But now both of her feet face forward! She looks great! She absolutely loves wearing her “super suit.

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  • Gila, PT

    Another nice story I had was with an 8-year-old girl that I work with - she is studying in a regular school and her class had a show to give onstage; with the TheraTogs on she could stand on the stage with all her friends without her wheelchair for some parts of the show, and everybody was really amazed!

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  • Jennifer Spiric, PT, DPT

    As a physical therapist, I have seen TheraTogs empower children to do many things that had seemed near impossible before.  I have seen a girl who had never jumped with feet off the ground jump over a line with both feet together the very first day she wore the TheraTogs.  I have seen a girl who had never spoken a word, look at her mom, say "mama", and look down at the TheraTogs suit, pleased.  I have seen a little girl's doctor push back her orthopedic surgery years due to progress she made with TheraTogs help.  Now, I know that TheraTogs are not magic and they don't work the same for everyone. But, I have seen all of these things in my practice, and I can't wait to see the stories that the future leaves untold...As a physical therapist, TheraTogs make anatomical and biomechanical sense.

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  • Nancy J Dilger, MA, PT, PCS, C/NDT, CKTP

    I have been using Thera Togs on a number of my patients for close to ten years. In addition to their individual gains and improved outcomes, I'm also seeing a clear trend towards earlier discharge from going therapy. Outcomes are now achieved in one third the amount of time  if Thera Togs are used properly.

    The families are thrilled, and what a cost savings that represents!

    "Change their alignment, change their lives."

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  • Peter, PT

    I have a patient who has cerebral palsy, diplegia, autism and sensory defensiveness.  I requested the family start using the TheraTogs, [and] that they wear them for three straight weeks before deciding the benefits vs. the challenges of donning it. Within a week they had noted not only was their child more stable for standing and walking, but he was less irritable, increased eye contact, and tolerated handling more.  Great success... We have just recently ordered the next size up, and we are awaiting their arrival. Thanks for the great product.

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  • Sue Ellen, Parent

    Just wanted to mention a few things about the TheraTogs... first of all, let me say that I am so impressed with the TheraTogs, that I have gotten countless parents and therapists coming to my son's therapy sessions to see how well they work (you will definitely be getting a lot of orders from the Syracuse, NY area!).  Even a representative from the New York State Developmental Services Office paid us a visit. Everyone agrees the suit is AWESOME!

    Thanks for providing such a great product that meets the needs of developmentally disabled children at a great price!

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  • Todd Sullivan, PT – HCA Healthcare

    I encouraged my facility to order two different sizes of the TheraTogs kits (the infant and preschool sizes).  We received them at the end of last week and tried them on three different children today.  We were very happy with the results that we saw in our first attempts at fitting.  The versatility is good, and we immediately saw improved trunk posture, upper extremity functional posture and use, and lower extremity use, in children of different ages with different needs.

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  • Dr. Susan Hastings, PT, DPT, PCS, NDT

    The successes of NMES, FES, and WBV are multiplied by the use of TheraTogs systems that deliver somatosensory input, improved postural alignment, and selected muscle assist throughout the day. When skeletal structure is kept in alignment, muscles can activate at the optimal angle of pull, which is difficult for children with CP.  For my patients, especially those for whom I have high functional expectations, I ask the parents to have the child wear them daily for the first several years of growth.  This starts as early as possible to keep alignment during all movement.  Massed practice, in an optimally aligned body, should be promoted by all pediatric therapists, and TheraTogs make the impossible (keeping alignment), possible. - Dr. Susan Hastings, PT, DPT, PCS, NDT

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