Pediatric In-toeing & Out-Toeing Management for Neuromotor Training (CTF-2)

February 23, 2020 all-day
NAPA Center
11840 S La Cienega Blvd
Hawthorne CA 90250
Tiffany Brown MOT, OTR/L
(888) 711-NAPA

Course Sponsor: NAPA Center • Hawthorne CA

  This program builds upon the foundation laid in the Posture & Torso Alignment (CTF Level I) workshop. It features a brief review of pediatric orthopedic lower-extremity (LE) skeletal and joint development as it occurs in the transverse plane – i.e. medial and lateral joint rotation and medial and lateral long bone torsion – and in relation to deviations in foot progression angle (FPA) – i.e. in-toeing and out-toeing.

Lecture content includes these topics:

  • Transverse-plane (TP) LE skeletal and joint modeling events with rotation strapping precautions
  • A review of elements of postural control acquisition and maintenance that pertain to TP LE bone and joint development and alignment
  • An implementation of SA Sahrmann’s muscle balance theory in the context of the kinesiology of LE rotation strapping applications
  • A review of three musculoskeletal assessment procedures used to identify sources of deviations in FPA and to document changes in a replicable manner.

In the first afternoon lab session, teams of three attendees learn and practice three LE musculoskeletal assessments that pertain to TP alignment and gait problems: hip rotation ROM in hip extension, modified Ryder’s test, and the modified thigh-foot angle. At the conclusion of the first lab, attendees are evaluated on their ability to demonstrate these same assessments.

In the second lab, attendees will be guided through a series of donning and strapping applications using the TheraTogs Lower Extremity system to demonstrate the biomechanical principles and management techniques reviewed in the morning session. Strapping applications include those designed to improve functioning alignment of the femur at the hip joint, and of the leg at the knee joint.

At the conclusion of the lab, attendees are evaluated on their ability to demonstrate these same procedures.

Instructor: Deborah Stack, PT DPT PCS