Pediatric Trunk Posture – The Significance of Extension @ NAPA Center
Feb 21 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Course Sponsor: NAPA Center • Hawthorne, CA

This course explores the ideal sequence of neuromotor acquisition and resting postures, and documents the relationship of faulty trunk control to limb muscle contracture in children with diplegic CP.

Instructor Deborah Stack, PT DPT PCS,  discusses sensory, biomechanical, kinesiological, and neuromotor aspects of both normal and compromised development of trunk alignment and control. She/he describes the influence of postural alignment and control on movement acquisition and skills, and offers suggestions for science-based orthotic intervention.

Finally, the course introduces the new code-verified TherAlign Dragonfly™ TLSO System as an example of a modality that can effectively address postural management issues.

Instructor: Deborah Stack, PT DPT PCS


Posture & Torso Alignment for Pediatric Neuromotor Training (CTF-1) @ NAPA Center
Feb 22 all-day

Course Sponsor: NAPA Center • Hawthorne CA

This introductory program features a review of relevant pediatric orthopedic issues and sciences pursuant to neuromotor re-education for posture and torso alignment, including:

  • Skeletal modeling mechanisms and influences
  • The role of the somatosensory system in postural control acquisition and movement
  • Fundamentals of S.A. Sahrmann’s muscle balance theory
  • Practice-related skills acquisition

Attendees will validate their understanding of these principles and issues in the afternoon lab session, using the TheraTogs Posture & Torso Alignment system. Grouped in teams of three, attendees will be guided through a series of donning and strapping applications that demonstrate the biomechanical principles and management techniques reviewed in the morning session.

Instructor: Deborah Stack, PT DPT PCS

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