Become a Certified TheraTogs Fitter (CTF)

TheraTogs undergarment and strapping systems send your therapy sessions home – extending the benefits of your clinical efforts with full-time, wearable carryover.

Our Certified TheraTogs Fitter courses will help you gain expertise in customizing TheraTogs garment systems to optimize your client’s outcomes. TheraTogs are an adjunct, carry-over modality that supports your clinical efforts in-between therapy sessions and can provide up to 50 hours of therapy a week.

I am a huge fan of the TheraTogs … Finally, I feel like there is something to reinforce what I have to offer the families during my visit. – Susan Blum, PT

Benefits of Certified TheraTogs Fitter Courses

Learn What You Don’t Know about the importance of pediatric postural alignment and the developmental causes of common gait issues.

Increase Your Confidence in using and recommending TheraTogs with the extended hands-on practice you get in each half-day lab.

Improve Your Families’ Compliance when you are more confident in your use of TheraTogs, it is easier to teach the caretaker and improve the family’s confidence and compliance in using the system.

Help New Clients Find You when they’re interested in TheraTogs. Caretakers and clinicians often ask the staff at TheraTogs, Inc. to find clinicians who understand and use TheraTogs in their practice. Certified TheraTogs Fitters are included in a database that is posted on our website under Find a Certified TheraTogs Fitter

Earn CEUs for Your License Renewal – All Certified Fitter courses are approved for CEUs by the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy, or otherwise offer state-specific CEUs for physical therapists and orthotists.

Contribute to New Products by participating in occasional field trials of new TheraTogs designs and materials.

Coming Soon: Personal access to our password-protected Clinician Center website, where you can access how-to videos, technical and research updates, online conversations with Clinical Support and your fellow clinicians… and much more!

How to Get Certified

Courses with optional Certified TheraTogs Fitter (CTF) for PT’s, OT’s, and Orthotists. CTF courses are offered through our training partner, Progressive Gaitways, LLC.

Posture & Torso Alignment in Pediatric Orthopedic Development (Certified TheraTogs Fitter Level I)

This introductory program features a review of relevant pediatric orthopedic issues and sciences pursuant to neuromotor re-education for posture and torso alignment

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Pediatric In-Toeing & Out-Toeing Management for Neuromotor Training (Certified TheraTogs Fitter Level II) 

This program builds upon the foundation laid in the Posture & Torso Alignment (CTF Level I) workshop. It features a brief review of pediatric orthopedic lower-extremity (LE) skeletal and joint development as it occurs in the transverse plane.

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Benefits of Hosting & Sponsorship:

  • Build relationships with local clinicians
  • Train your whole staff cost-effectively and help them fulfill professional recertification requirements.
  • Free marketing for your event through eblasts, social media posts, and on our website
  • Professional recruiting tool – make your business known as the source for world-class, relevant continuing education

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