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Got an hour and a webcam?

Bring your team up to speed on TheraTogs basics with a live webinar of a TheraTogs inservice session!

  • Five to twelve clinicians per session
  • Experienced Toggers or intrigued newbies
  • Early Intervention teams (featuring the Wunzi), pediatric therapy groups, or adult neuromotor practice
  • All team members welcome – especially PT’s, OT’s, and orthotists
  • No experience necessary
  • US clinicians only, please

Inservice webinars are conducted via a live GoToMeeting session with Clinical Support Specialist Colleen Finnoff. For best results, we’ll ship you a Loaner system prior to the event, so the webinar can include hands-on practice ‘Togging demonstrations, using volunteer clinicians from your group. Attendees may be logged in as a group with a large screen and a shared webcam, or dialed in via individual GTM accounts.

Each webinar covers typical topics, but can be customized to meet your group’s needs within the one-hour session.

Benefits of a Webinar Inservice

  • Get your group up to speed quickly on TheraTogs – whether you need an introduction, a refresher, or an update on the latest.
  • No travel, no cost, no hassle – log in and go!
  • Learn in a team environment – so all your team members are on the same page.
  • Interactive approach improves learning – conversational format, hands-on demos, lively Q&A beats a boring canned presentation (or even worse, a sales pitch).
  • Schedule at your convenience – before the shift, over lunch, or after hours.

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