New Sizes for Dragonfly TLSO

TheraTogs will be rolling out new sizes for the successful Dragonfly TLSO product line this spring. The new sizes will address the postural support needs of smaller infants and provide new options to fit a broader range of larger pediatric clients. The new Dragonfly sizes will be released once approved by PDAC/CMS, joining the Dragonfly TLSO product line authorized for HCPCS code L-0456.

The TheraTogs Dragonfly TLSO combines ‘warm-and-form’ spinal bracing with the wearable therapy of a TheraTogs undergarment in a customized, integrated orthosis. Dragonfly TLSO supports the spine and trunk with a lightweight, rigid panel – forming a custom spinal support anchored on the pelvis for superior torso core stability while training the neuromotor system into more functional alignment using a standard TheraTogs garment subsystem.

The Dragonfly TLSO is patent-pending in the US.