FREE Pediatric Posture Course Announced

Therapists and orthotists in the Metrolina area are invited to attend a free “after hours” short course on the critical significance of trunk extension in infant and pediatric development.

Hosted by Royal Orthotics of Concord, NC, this 2-hour program details the scientific and clinical evidence which supports the well-known pediatric management principle: “proximal stability precedes distal mobility.”

Presenter Deborah Stack describes the ideal sequence of neuromotor acquisition and resting postures, and documents the relationship of faulty trunk control to limb muscle contracture in children with diplegic CP. She explores a number of management strategies that include positioning and orthotic aids.

Finally, Ms. Stack introduces the new, code-verified, TherAlign DragonFly™  TLSO System as an example of a modality that can effectively address postural management issues.

A light dinner is provided, starting at 5:30 pm; the lecture runs from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. 2.0 contact hours; CEU credits for orthotists and NC physical therapists are pending.

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