TheraTogs™ Clinical Support Video Series with Colleen Finnoff

What is TheraTogs Clinical Support FAQ Video Series?

This series was created to provide additional support for therapists and caregivers through our Facebook page @TheraTogs. Colleen  has over a decade of experience with TheraTogs, and we want to make her more accessible to you as to ensure you are getting the most out of your TheraTogs experience.

Video 1 of 1, Colleen is answering the top 3 questions we receive from clinicians and caregivers.
1. How many TheraTogs systems do you carry?
2. How long is a TheraTogs usually worn on a daily basis?
3. Do I have to be trained or certified before I can order and fit TheraTogs on my clients?

Meet Colleen Finnoff, Clinical Support Specialist

Colleen has handled our TheraTogs clinical support for 10 years. She provides technical support to clinicians and caregivers by email, phone, and video world-wide.

Why do you love being a Clinical Support Specialist?

“I love being able to apply my Kinesiology background to help therapists understand that this modality is all biomechanics. Therapists are the masters at biomechanics.”

What drew you to TheraTogs, Inc.?

“TheraTogs is such an innovative modality! There is no other rehab device that can mimic what your hands do that your clients can take home with them. It is brilliant and can be a game changer on many levels for kids”