Tips for Wearing TheraTogs in Hot Weather

A properly-fitted TheraTogs system guides the body to correct issues. In doing so the body to exerts itself in new ways, flexing unused muscles, learning new movement patterns, holding better posture in alignment. That’s real work, and it generates heat.

The fabric used in TheraTogs products is open-celled foam and breathable, but the system is an extra layer being worn. We consistently look for lighter materials and alternative grip options to reduce the added warmth to the wearer.

  • Don’t wear a shirt over the Tank Top.
  • If you don’t need the “real estate” of Tank Top fabric on the lower trunk, and need to attach the Hipster to the Tank Top at the ribs or higher, consider cutting off the fabric around the lower abdomen on the Tank Top.
  • Get the Togs wet in a personal swimming pool, or in a bathtub or shower, or in waterplay at a water table,  or with squirt guns.
  • Remove the Tank Top front panel and use a GoldTone Split Strap or 2 GoldTone straight straps to connect the shoulders of the back panel  to the Hipster waistband in front (like suspenders). Contact for help with sizing and ordering information.
  • Remove the Tank Top and use taping on the abdominals to keep them engaged and the rib cage down.
  • Buy a cooling scarf, headband, towel, or hat.  Search on line for “cooling apparel”. A few examples:  Neck wrapCooling hats, Headbands
  • Wet, wring, and apply the wrap or scarf or headband  and get relief form the heat for a couple of hours.  When it stops feeling cooler than the air, wet it again in cold water.
  • Cut small holes (~5mm or ¼” diameter) in the garment where you will not apply a Velcro tab.

TheraTogs “SummerTog” Tank Top

Do-It-Yourself Alternation Instructions

Cut holes in the TheraTogs garments to improve ventilation. The fabric won’t tear or run, and cutting holes does not void your warranty. Hesitant to trim or cut your TheraTogs? Don’t be – by improving ventilation you’re adding value to the system because you’ve increased the wearer’s comfort, increased the wear time, and increased the benefits