New “Togs4Growth” Product Line Announced

‘Togs4Growth’ is a new TheraTogs product configuration which combines two garment sizes in one package – so your child/client can continue her gains in neuromotor retraining, even as she grows.

“The great thing about this new product line,” noted TheraTogs inventor Beverly Cusick, “…is that you can extend the benefits of TheraTogs wear over a longer period of time, without the hassle of making another purchase or filing more claim forms.”

For example, the Togs4Growth version of the popular Pre-School Posture and Torso Alignment system – the PTA210 – will include the standard pre-school sized components plus a TankTop and Hipster in the larger pediatric (#300) size, for later wear as the child grows. Replacement straps and tabs can also be ordered as needed via the company’s Replacement Parts process.

The new system configurations will initially be available in the US market directly from TheraTogs in March 2020, with expansion to TheraTogs’ global distribution network to follow.

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