Loaner Systems

TheraTogs Loaner Systems are for clinicians who prefer a trial period before making a final decision about purchasing TheraTogs. Our Loaner system trial period provides a hands-on demonstration for caregiver and clinician.

The caregiver sees first-hand the difference in the child’s progress and potential – a great motivation towards compliance at home. The clinician observes the wearer’s responses and can experiment to determine the best TheraTogs System, and to validate proper sizing.

Loaner System Details

Loaners are simplified TheraTogs Systems designed to target the clinician’s priority treatment goals; they represent what full TheraTogs Systems can do to address further indications specific to that client. Loaners are available in the sizes shown to address these common issues:

  • Trunk Alignment, Awareness, and Control – Infant through Adult sizes
  • Lower Extremity Alignment – Pre-School through Adult sizes
  • Autism / Sensory Processing – Infant through Adult sizes

How the Loaner Program Works

  • We charge a small fee of $25 (via credit card) for each Loaner system. This pays for shipping (both ways) and partially covers the administrative costs of the program
  • The loan period is 15 days for Wunzi Loaners, and 30 days for all other Loaner systems, starting 7 days after we ship your Loaner. These time periods allow us to offer Loaner systems to more caregivers and gives you ample time to establish and demonstrate TheraTogs’ effectiveness
  • To encourage prompt Loaner returns, we ship each system with pre-paid return shipping and packaging, and we’ll send you an email reminder near the end of your loan period. (If the Loaner system is not returned on schedule, we may charge the credit card on file for the full cost of the system.)
  • Charge for Use: TheraTogs are registered as an FDA Class I orthotic system, so you may be able to use CPT code 97760 (orthotic assessment or fitting) to account for your time spent sizing, fitting, and adjusting the Loaner system. (Billing policies vary by state and by payor, so check with your billing administrator.)
  • Note: The supply of Loaner configurations is limited, so some delays in shipping may occur.
  • If you need to keep TheraTogs systems on hand for trialing with multiple clients, See also Clinical Starter System

Get Started

You can download the Loaner Request Form and program information and file your application right away, or you can contact us at for more information.

Want to share the news with your clinician or your caregiver? Download and email the Loaner Program announcement flier.

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