Replacement Parts

TheraTogs PartsNeed a larger TankTop for your growing child, or a new Hipster because of an accident? You can buy replacement parts using our Replacement Parts Form (see also tab #2 below).  

Please Note: Replacement Parts are available from TheraTogs, Inc. for US purchases only. Global customers, please contact your Authorized Distributor for assistance. 

How to Order Replacement Parts

Locate the size and model number or model name of your current TheraTogs system.

Have proof-of-purchase for your order. Replacement parts are only sold to existing customers. Any one of the following will be accepted:

  • TheraTogs Invoice or Packing Slip number
  • Product Registration code from the registration card that was included in your system.
  • Product Lot Code from one of the garments in your system. To determine the Lot Code, hold the front of the TankTop or Hipster up to a light and look below or near the TheraTogs logo. You’ll see the GoldTone logo printed in gold ink; the lot code is the six- to eight-digit code printed below (it’s easier to see with the light behind it.)
  • Print out the Replacement Parts form.
  • Circle all the component name(s) that you want to order, and indicate quantity.
  • Fill in measurements.
  • Fill in the model number of your current system and your proof-of-purchase information.
  • Include your fax number or email so we can send you the Parts Quotation for your approval.Your order will not ship without your signed approval and payment.
  • Fax the form to (877) 202-5965 or email it to

Customer Support will compare your request with the product configurations and send you a parts quotation within one business week. The parts quotation lists the costs of all the parts you ordered, so that you can confirm and approve the content and cost of your final order. (You can download a sample here.)

We’ll also include a Voluntary Outcomes Data Survey that allows the caregiver or clinician to anonymously report any key improvements or outcomes that you’ve experienced while wearing your TheraTogs system. Your data helps us with research and reimbursement requirements, and we offer a 5% discount on your parts order if you return the data survey.

  • Review the Parts Quotation and provide your credit card information as your approval.
  • If you returned your Replacement Parts form with a complete Outcomes Data Survey, you will see the 5% discount reflected in the cost quotation.
  • Fax or email the completed Parts Quotation form back to us or attach a check and mail to us at the address provided in the upper left-hand corner of the parts quotation form.
  • Once your order authorization and payment have been received, your parts will be shipped within five business days, usually via USPS Priority Mail (to minimize your shipping costs). If you prefer UPS shipping, please indicate this on your form.

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