Jennifer Spiric, PT, DPT

“As a physical therapist, I have seen TheraTogs empower children to do many things that had seemed near impossible before.  I have seen a girl who had never jumped with feet off the ground jump over a line with both feet together the very first day she wore the TheraTogs.  I have seen a girl who had never spoken a word, look at her mom, say “mama”, and look down at the TheraTogs suit, pleased.  I have seen a little girl’s doctor push back her orthopedic surgery years due to progress she made with TheraTogs help.  Now, I know that TheraTogs are not magic and they don’t work the same for everyone. But, I have seen all of these things in my practice, and I can’t wait to see the stories that the future leaves untold…As a physical therapist, TheraTogs make anatomical and biomechanical sense.”