TheraTogs are designed to manifest the positioning, support, and motion activities commonly used by clinicians worldwide to address their clients’ indications and objectives. ‘Therapy you Wear” and ‘Send your hands home’ are not just slogans – they are exactly what TheraTogs are designed to do.

For example, when a clinician facilitates trunk extension during a therapy session for kyphosis, that therapy is supported by research and the right approach.  When TheraTogs are applied to a client, it too facilitates trunk extension but for multiple hours, throughout daily activities, which is also supported by the research, as it is accomplishing the same goal for longer using the gentle force of the TheraTogs garment.

Evidence that TheraTogs are an effective modality takes a variety of forms. Depending on your needs, you can:

  • View and share before-and-after videos that clearly show the difference between wearing and not wearing TheraTogs
  • Cite articles and research that are either specific to a targeted TheraTogs use, or that support modalities which TheraTogs embody
  • Refer to and share case studies that detail and illustrate a single-client TheraTogs application which relates to your intended use of a TheraTogs system
  • Read the testimonials of other clinicians and caregivers who have found TheraTogs to be effective
  • Contribute to the growing body of evidence by offering an honest review of your TheraTogs experience


Follow the links at left to access the form of evidence that best suits your needs – and let us know if you have any new information that we should know about!

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