Ankle Dorsiflexion Assist (DFA) System

The DFA System is useful for persons exhibiting or potentially developing calf muscle contractures. There are two product configurations: a Sleep System for overnight or nap wear, and a Gait System for use in gait training. You can also purchase a Combo unit for full-time use: the Combo unit contains one each of both the Sleep and Gait Systems. Product size is determined by the wearer’s shoe size (see Sizing tab below for information.)

How to Purchase TheraTogs


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Paying out-of-pocket? Consult with your therapist or rehab clinician to place an order with an authorized TheraTogs distributor.

Seeking reimbursement? Most payors require the order be processed via an O&P provider or DME (Durable Medical Equipment) facility. Find a Provider near you who is familiar with TheraTogs, or have your preferred Provider contact us for assistance in ordering.

Need help with size, selection, or ordering? Contact Customer Support: [email protected] • (970) 239-0344.  For sizing guidance, see the Sizing tab below.

Indications and Applications

The DFA System is useful to provide carryover of clinical activities in the presence of the following indications and diagnoses:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Traumatic Brain Injury – acute, post-acute, and chronic phases
  • Hemiplegia due to Stroke – acute, post-acute, and chronic phases
  • Disc herniation –> dorsiflexion weakness
  • Dropfoot in Multiple Sclerosis
  • Guillain-Barre
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Peroneal nerve palsy
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Talipes Equinovarus (flexible type)
  • Toe Walking

Quick Links

DFA Product Information Sheet


The TheraTogs Ankle Dorsiflexion Assist (DFA) System is a completely adaptable, comfortable solution to the challenge of addressing dorsiflexion limitations and calf muscle contractures. In addition to providing carryover of gentle, prolonged stretch activities in-clinic for potential or current contractures, the DFA system also allows for pronation and supination correction via the selection and positioning of GoldTone and TogRite strapping.

Two DFA Models

The DFA Sleep System is designed to reduce or prevent calf contractures with a comfortable, sleep-friendly system that provides low-load, prolonged elongation to shortened calf muscle and soft tissues while protecting the midtarsal joint from strain. Its key features and uses include:

  • Midfoot Joint Support Split Strap – Provide the midtarsal joint support that is essential to foot deformity management – PLUS the comfort that is essential to sleep.
  • Supination or Pronation Support – Bias the foot position in favor of preferred alignment.
  • Forefoot DF Strap – Add gentle, adjustable elongation to the calf musculature.
  • 5-pronged DF Split Strap – Add midfoot stabilization and gentle elongation to the calf, toe flexors, and plantar fascia with a cozy, adjustable wrap.

The DFA Gait System can be configured for either in-shoe or outside-of-shoe wear, and offers these key features and uses:

  • Simplicity – Easy to apply in minutes!
  • Support (don’t supplant) – dynamic ankle motion – Use the dynamic Gait Trainer to help the user experience improved ankle motion in gait without “taking over” for the DF musculature.
  • Extra clinical hands – Provide hands-free DF support and foot clearance while training your clients on treadmills – with or without partial un-weighting.
  • Keep up with changes – Fine-tune the DF-assist torque to accommodate changes in ankle function over time – just by moving or removing a strap!
  • Preview orthotic design – Evaluate the effectiveness of an articulated free ankle with DF-assist joints for your patient before you design, prescribe, or fabricate custom orthoses.

The DFA Combo set contains one each of both the Sleep and Gait systems in one unit.


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