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Videos and visuals are everywhere, and the TheraTogs community is no exception

It’s understandable – TheraTogs’ beneficial effects are often so visually compelling there’s an immediate instinct to grab the cell camera and share a quick video with the grandparents, or use the clinic’s iPad to capture improved outcomes.

We’ve seen a number of “oh, wow!” moments over the years, and we’re happy to share them with you here.

TheraTogs in Action

HannahVideoTheraTogs Help Ataxic Child Gain Body Control

Sarah is 5 years old with cerebellar ataxia, which presents with staggering gait and lack of body control. In her first wearing of TheraTogs, she immediately gains greater control of her gait, her body movement and posture, and her hands and arms. Sarah says: “Now I don’t fall down any more, Mommy.”


TheraTogs Help Stroke Patient Regain Balance, Gait, Confidence

Geno is 67 years old, 8 months post-stroke (CVA). Before TheraTogs, he walks haltingly with a quad cane. He shows immediate improvement from first wearing of TheraTogs and walks without his cane. Six weeks later, he shows significant gains in balance, mobility, and confidence. “Geno just took off like a rocket!” noted Beverly Cusick, TheraTogs inventor.


DTW_thumbDo TheraTogs Work?

Diane Gabanyic, OTR/L, wanted to demonstrate to her caregivers why she often recommends TheraTogs for her clients. Since a video is worth a million words, she put together this compilation of clinical footage to make the case. Gabanyic is the Director of Therapy Services for the Carolina Therapy Services Cooperative, Inc. of Rock Hill, SC.


ResearchReviewRelevant Research: TheraTogs

Dr. Carole B. Lewis (PT, DPT, GTC, GCS, MSG, MPA, PhD, FAPTA) reviews TheraTogs research in a clip from the Relevant Research series, sponsored by Great Seminars Online. Dr. Lewis is the Founder and President of Premier Physical Therapy, and continues to work in her practice in a clinical capacity. Additionally, she is an adjunct full professor at the George Washington University College of Medicine, as well as a published author of over 200 works.

MomSpeaksTheraTogs Mom Tells Her Story

Becky tells the story of her son’s experience with TheraTogs.



NinaWalksCerebral Palsy: Nina Begins to Walk

One of a series of videos on Nina’s improvements, posted by her mom. With the stability help provided by TheraTogs, Nina has started to venture into talking some steps.

Minutes2HoursMinutes to Apply = Hours of Benefit

The simplified TheraTogs ULTRA Posture & Torso Alignment System takes only minutes to apply and gives hours of wearable therapy!

TogsKGOTheraTogs for Autism: KGO-TV

TheraTogs inventor Beverly Cusick, Tina Blythe, OT and mom Linda Garite are interviewed on San Francisco KGO-TV about the use of TheraTogs for children with autism. (Content © KGO-TV. )

Caregiver and clinician videos about TheraTogs consistently appear on YouTube, Vimeo, and Flickr.These are mostly submitted by the public, without involvement of TheraTogs, Inc.  We offer no implied or explicit endorsement of these videos. We can say that a modality as flexible and adaptable as TheraTogs does generate a variety approaches and uses by users.

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