How to Fit/Apply TheraTogs

TheraTogs work in the same way a therapist’s hands do – supplying stability and correctional guidance that a clinician commonly uses in therapy sessions.

Designed to be customized

TheraTogs are designed to be customized, trimmed and fitted to an individual wearer to address specific musculoskeletal, postural, balance, or movement issues. They are worn next to the skin, under clothing , where the foam material gently grips the wearer’s soft tissues to create the biomechanical changes that are key to positive outcomes. (The Wunzi Infant system is worn over the diaper).

A variety of strap lengths, widths, calibers of stiffness, and placement options optimize therapeutic and orthotic results.

How to Fit/Apply TheraTogs – Basic Fitting Process

Each TheraTogs system comes with a full set of illustrated instructions, and either a how-to DVD or links to how-to videos available online in our new TheraTogs University website.

The outer surface of TheraTogs components is Velcro® hook-sensitive. The components are fastened together using specifically-shaped translucent tabs made of custom hook material (provided). Strapping applications use similar tabs at their attachment points – a design which allows the clinician an infinite range of custom fitting and strapping positions for the wearer.

The ability to adapt the fit and strapping attachment points to create an orthotic garment customized to the wearer’s needs is one of the unique benefits of the TheraTogs system design. No compression garment or bracing system matches it.

Once properly fitted, the garments alone will begin to provide proprioceptive input and positioning cues to the neuromotor system.  The placement of these garment closure and strap attachment points will vary significantly based on the TheraTogs system being used, and the clinical objectives to be met.

Wunzi Infant Systems – 4 Easy Steps

  1. Position the infant supine on the Wunzi back component.
  2. Place the Wunzi front component on the infant’s chest.
  3. Position and attach the back component to the front in five places, using the embedded hook tabs: the two rib panels, the diaper flap, and the two shoulder straps.
  4. Adjust for snug, comfortable fit.

Pediatric & Adult Systems – 6 Easy Steps

  1. Center the Hipster on the wearer’s midline, wrap the waistband flaps snugly, and fasten in place with hook tabs.
  2. Pull downward tension on the leg of the Hipster, wrap the thigh cuffs snugly, and fasten in place. Repeat for the other leg.
  3. Connect the TankTop front and back components at one shoulder with a hook taband drape the TankTop over the wearer’s torso.
  4. Attach the TankTop’s front and back centering flaps to the Hipster at midline with hook tabs provided.
  5. Position and attach the TankTop back to the front in four places: the two rib panels, and the two shoulder straps.
  6. Adjust for snug, comfortable fit.

Is training necessary to use TheraTogs?

Although training isn’t necessary, clinicians need to get familiar with using TheraTogs garments and strapping to achieve best results. Each system comes with a full set of illustrated instructions, and either a how-to DVD or links to how-to videos, to help the clinician accomplish those objectives. Clinical Support is an email or phone call 970-239-0112 away.

At the initial TheraTogs fitting, the clinician trains the caregiver in the garment donning process. In subsequent sessions, the clinician teaches him/her how to apply any necessary strapping configurations. A marker pen comes with every system, to encourage the clinician to mark closure points, strap locations, and ‘Step 1, Step 2’ sequences.

Clinicians who wish to deepen their understanding of the principles underlying TheraTogs, and to build their experience fitting various TheraTogs applications, are welcome to take the Certified TheraTogs Fitter courses described here.

Use our Locater map function to find a Certified TheraTogs Fitter in your region.

Clinicians: Certified TheraTogs Fitter Program

The CTF Program trains clinicians in TheraTogs principles and applications, and offers numerous significant benefits:

  • CEUs for professional training and re-certification
  • Participation in the TheraTogs clinician referral network. We are constantly asked by caregivers for referrals to trained clinicians in their vicinity; clinicians who have been through our CTF Program are first on the list
  • Premier access to advanced news about reimbursement, products, and additional training
  • Participation in focus groups and field trials for new products and new materials

Currently there are two levels of fitter certifications available: Posture & Torso Alignment for Pediatric Neuromotor Training (CTF Level I) and Pediatric In-toeing & Out-Toeing Management Strategies (CTF Level II).

Click here for information on upcoming CTF programs and event dates. In most cases, professional CEUs are offered for PT’s and orthotists.

If your organization is interested in hosting or sponsoring CTF courses, please contact

Therapy Approaches Supported by TheraTogs

The principles of TheraTogs use and the rationale for specific strapping applications are well-supported across many of the predominant therapy approaches in use today.

Additional Resources

TheraTogs inventor Beverly Cusick, PT, MS, C/NDT, BOC published a series of foundation articles in the NDTA Network that many clinicians have found useful.

The Modeling Process

Soft Tissue Modeling

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Customized, trimmed and fitted to address specific musculoskeletal, postural, balance, or movement issues

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