Clinical Starter System (CSS)

The Clinical Starter System (CSS) is the affordable solution for any clinical practice ready to improve postural and neuromotor outcomes. It serves as a unique, permanent resource, allowing all clinicians to use or trial TheraTogs systems on any appropriate client visiting the practice.  

Sold directly to clinics and practitioners, the CSS contains basic TheraTogs components in multiple sizes, and is now available in Infant (CSSWZ), Pediatric (CSS-23) or Adult (CSS-46) configurations.

Here’s a walk-through of the contents and use of the CSS:

How to Purchase TheraTogs


Login/Signup to the professionals-only side of the website for ordering options.


Paying out-of-pocket? Consult with your therapist or rehab clinician to place an order with an authorized TheraTogs distributor.

Seeking reimbursement? Most payors require the order be processed via an O&P provider or DME (Durable Medical Equipment) facility. Find a Provider near you who is familiar with TheraTogs, or have your preferred Provider contact us for assistance in ordering.

Need help with size, selection, or ordering? Contact Customer Support: [email protected] • (970) 239-0344.  For sizing guidance, see the Sizing tab below.

Indications & Uses

The TheraTogs systems included in the CSS can be used to temporarily address or provide carryover for any of the indications TheraTogs are built to help you manage, including:


Multiple Sizes for Multiple Clients

The Clinical Starter System (CSS) is a multi-size “trial toolbox” that gives the clinic a selected range of TheraTogs garment and component sizes for use as needed in the clinic to trial, test, or demonstrate the use of TheraTogs on any client in your clinic’s practice.

You can use the Clinical Starter System to:

  • Demonstrate how TheraTogs provide carryover for your standard-of-care rehabilitation activities
  • Experiment with strapping applications in support of clinical objectives
  • Support other therapy modalities during the clinical session with the “extra hands” TheraTogs provide
  • Demonstrate TheraTogs results to caregivers and train them in TheraTogs applications
  • Support reimbursement claims with visual “before / after” proof of TheraTogs’ effectiveness
  • Verify correct sizing for TheraTogs orders

Any Practice Can Benefit!

  • Early intervention programs
  • In-patient clinics
  • Out-patient clinics
  • School-based therapy practice
  • Private therapy practice
  • Rehabilitation services departments
  • University faculty – to train/demonstrate to physical or occupational therapists


Product SKU Sizes Included
GWZCSS-1 Wunzi Sizing Kit GWZ25, GWZ50, and GWZ75 (0-12 mo) • 3 sizes
GWZCSS-2 Wunzi Sizing Kit  GWZ50, GWZ75, and GWZ100 (3-18 mo) • 3 sizes
GWZCSS-3 Wunzi Sizing Kit GWZ75, GWZ100, and GWZ125 (12-24 mo) • 3 sizes
GWZCSS-4 Wunzi Sizing Kit GWZ25, GWZ50, GWZ75, GWZ100, and GWZ125 (0-24 mo) • 5 sizes
GCSS12 Clinical Starter System Infant + Pre-School • 2 sizes
GCSS123 Clinical Starter System Infant + Pre-School + Pediatric • 3 sizes
GCSS23 Clinical Starter System Pre-School + Pediatric • 2 sizes
GCSS234 Clinical Starter System Pre-School + Pediatric + Junior • 3 sizes
GCSS34 Clinical Starter System Pediatric + Junior • 2 sizes
GCSS46 Clinical Starter System Junior + Small/Med Adult • 2 sizes
GCSS67 Clinical Starter System Adult Small/Med + Adult Large • 2 sizes
GCSS6272 Clinical Starter System Adult Large + Adult X-Large • 2 sizes

You can also expand any CSS system with additional sizes and parts – see your options in your Shopping Cart!

Contact us at [email protected] for details and pricing.

Product Properties

TheraTogs systems are FDA Class I medical devices intended to be issued by, and applied under the supervision of, a licensed healthcare practitioner engaged in neuromotor training. TheraTogs systems are made of GoldTone – a proprietary composite fabric with foam backing made of an aqueous-based elastomeric urethane. TogRite strapping is elastomeric strapping with an inert, silicone-based grip surface. All materials and components of TheraTogs™ orthotic garment systems are latex-free in their manufacture and packaging.

TheraTogs™, Therapy You Wear™, TogRite™ and Wunzi™ are trademarks of TheraTogs, Inc. TheraTogs systems are protected by US Patents # 8,007,457 and 8,535,256 B2, and Canadian patent #2495769. Additional US and foreign patents pending.


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