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Biomechanics is the science and study of and the influences of forces imposed upon the body while maintaining postures and during movement. The field of biomechanics examines the effects on motions and energy cost of such factors as the features of body alignment, the base of support (BOS), the location of the body center of mass (COM), the distribution of body weight onto loaded body segments and joints, ground reaction forces, and the forces required to maintain the upright position in the presence of changes in body weight load, postural alignment, and limb joint position.


Stand up. Now pronate your feet so that your arches are flattened and feel your body weight move forward toward your big toes. Because you respond to an innate drive to remain upright, note all the new muscles you are using to remain there. Now, imagine living this way, like many of your clients do.

TheraTogs’ Role in Biomechanics

TheraTogs systems implement biomechanical principles to improve functioning postural and limb alignment, and to assist in aligning the body COM over the support base. TheraTogs undergarments wrap the trunk and hips in material that resists vertical stretch while allowing horizontal stretch. The targeted application of straps further aligns the flexible spine, pelvis, scapulae, and/or functioning limb segments, and can support appropriate weight loading on the pelvis in sitting, or the heels in standing positions.

In cases in which the load-bearing base is misaligned, we advocate optimizing it by adjusting the seat surface or by providing effective orthotic foot support.

The typical TheraTogs client receives up to 10 hours of wearable therapy every day!