Cross Strap sets

Cross straps are an essential component of many, if not most, TheraTogs strapping applications. Cross strap assemblies feature two strips of powerful TogRite strapping, stitched together in an “x” or cross-shaped component. This provides four points of attachment wherever needed to accomplish your specific positioning or supportive objectives. 

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How to Purchase TheraTogs


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Paying out-of-pocket? Consult with your therapist or rehab clinician to place an order with an authorized TheraTogs distributor.

Seeking reimbursement? Most payors require the order be processed via an O&P provider or DME (Durable Medical Equipment) facility. Find a Provider near you who is familiar with TheraTogs, or have your preferred Provider contact us for assistance in ordering.

Need help with size, selection, or ordering? Contact Customer Support: [email protected] • (970) 239-0344.  For sizing guidance, see the Sizing tab below.


Strap dimensions table here.