PTA Replacement Tab Set

Extend the wear lifetime of your TheraTogs garments!

Order a complete set of replacement hook tabs specific to your TheraTogs system and size. For help selecting a product size, see the Sizing tab below.

How to Purchase TheraTogs


Login/Signup to the professionals-only side of the website for ordering options.


Paying out-of-pocket? Consult with your therapist or rehab clinician to place an order with an authorized TheraTogs distributor.

Seeking reimbursement? Most payors require the order be processed via an O&P provider or DME (Durable Medical Equipment) facility. Find a Provider near you who is familiar with TheraTogs, or have your preferred Provider contact us for assistance in ordering.

Need help with size, selection, or ordering? Contact Customer Support: • (970) 239-0344.  For sizing guidance, see the Sizing tab below.


Tab Set selection is determined by the size of the garment components of your main TheraTogs system.

To identify your garment size, look on the inside of either the TankTop or the Hipster. You will see a part number printed there, under the Lot Code. Use this table to determine which Tab Set to order:

Garment Part No. Tab Set to Order*
T100F | T100B | H100 PATSPTA110 or PATSPTA2110*
T200F | T200B | H200 PATSPTA210 or PATSPTA2210*
T300F | T300B | H300 PATSPTA310 or PATSPTA2310*
T400F | T400B | H400 PATSPTA410 or PATSPTA2410*
T600F | T600B | H600 PATSPTA610 or PATSPTA2610*
T620F | T620B | H620 PATSPTA620
T700F | T700B | H700 PATSPTA710
T720F | T720B | H720 PATSPTA720

* The 2000-series Tab Sets contain extra tabs for the Dual system configurations, which include an extra garment set.