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TheraTogs garments and limb cuffs are made of a proprietary, unique, composite fabric that combines the elasticity and rebound of a spandex-nylon material with a thin, breathable  foam surface with a chamois-like feel. The resulting fit on the body is cozy and slip-resistant.

The key properties of the composite fabric – the stretch biases –  stiffer under vertical tension and more elastic in the horizontal direction, the Velcro® hook receptivity and durability, and the grip of the foam layer – are all elements that combine to make TheraTogs systems work effectively and comfortably. The foam backing is an aqueous-based, elastomeric urethane.

The highly elastic and durable TogRite™ strapping is lined with an elastomeric, hydrophilic silicone.

Registrations, Patents & Trademarks

TheraTogs systems are FDA Class I medical devices intended to be issued by, and applied under the supervision of, a licensed healthcare practitioner engaged in neuromotor training. TheraTogs systems are made of GoldTone – a proprietary  composite fabric with foam backing made of an aqueous-based elastomeric urethane. TogRite strapping is elastomeric strapping with an inert, silicone-based grip surface. All materials and components of TheraTogs™ orthotic garment systems are latex-free in their manufacture and packaging.

TheraTogs™, Therapy You Wear™, TogRite™ and Wunzi™ are trademarks of TheraTogs, Inc. TheraTogs systems are protected by US Patents # 8,007,457 and 8,535,256 B2, and Canadian patent #2495769. Additional US and foreign patents pending.


The compression capability and elasticized strapping components of TheraTogs™ must be implemented with attention to the possibility of imposing circulatory or respiratory constriction. For example, never apply straps circumferentially around a body part, but rather, in a spiraling configuration. Patient comfort and safety is the paramount concern.

The placement of TheraTogs strapping applications can change the wearer’s bone and joint position. For clients of ages 7 years and above with bone and joint alignment problems, the attending clinician is expected to undertake a  careful musculoskeletal assessment prior to designing or applying a strapping system.

Example: Hip rotation. Imposing a sustained and significant change in hip rotation to align the knee axis on the frontal plane in gait on a client > age 7 years might disrupt the integrity of the hip joint. Ascertain femoral torsion status first to determine whether the need for rotation change is osseous or muscular. Consult an orthopedist for assurance of safety re hip rotation strapping, if possible.

RULE OF THUMB: HARM NO ONE. Force nothing. When uncertain, be gentle.



TACHYCARDIA OR OTHER CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIAS – Due to the risk of serious reactions to compression around the torso.

VP SHUNT – Due to the risk of imposing adverse consequences that resemble those that occur with shunt blockage and sudden changes in pressure.

BONE FRACTURE WITH NONUNION OR POORLY HEALING “BREAK EDGES” – even if the break is either no longer casted or protected in an external fixation device.

POOL THERAPY. TheraTogs are NOT to be used in conjunction with either hydrotherapy or swimming pool play. The foam lining is not affected by chlorine or bromine often used in swimming pools and hydrotherapy, but  other chemicals typically present – such as pH balancing agents, colorants, urine detectors, or urine itself – can degrade or decompose the foam surface.

TheraTogs can certainly be used during casual water play, such as in a backyard wading pool, sprinkler, or bathtub filled with tap water.

Warranty & Return Policy

TheraTogs™ ULTRA orthotic garment systems are treatment modalities designed for use by clients under the care of physical and occupational therapists and other qualified health practitioners. TheraTogs are intended for individual use as an orthotic undergarment for patients who respond to unforced, manual guiding and facilitation of postural alignment functional skills, or who benefit from proprioceptive input and postural support.

TheraTogs are warranted to arrive complete and free of defects in manufacturing, assembly, or materials. We guarantee that TheraTogs components will keep their shape and documented function for a minimum of six months from first date of use. If any part or component fails these standards, we will replace it free of charge.
The effectiveness of TheraTogs is dependent on a wide range of factors outside of the control of TheraTogs, Inc. Results are not guaranteed.

Warranty & Return Policy

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