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Athetoid/Dyskinetic CP

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Management Contributions via TheraTogs

The presence of continuous, uncontrolled movements interferes with the acquisition and maintenance of postural control and with effective limb use. Because postural control – the ability to sustain a posture while attending to and engaged in a purposeful activity – is the foundation of movement acquisition, we recommend beginning to use TheraTogs garments to support the acquisition of  the fundamental, core components of trunk and pelvic alignment and control in all positions while enhancing body awareness and somatosensory input.

Applicable TheraTogs Systems

These TheraTogs products support therapy goals for children with athetoid dyskinetic cerebral palsy:

Applicable Science, and Therapy Approaches

Sciences applicable to ADCP:

Therapy Approaches applicable to ADCP:

More About Athetoid Dyskinetic CP

athetoid_cp_supineDyskinetic cerebral palsy, an extrapyramidal subtype that features involuntary movements and fluctuations in muscle tone,  includes two subgroups: athetosis and dystonia.[1]  Athetoid dyskinetic cerebral palsy (ADCP) occurs in approximately 15% of the CP population.[2]

BasalGanglia_calloutAffected individuals show difficulty in maintaining postures and balance when sitting, standing, and walking.  Undesired movements interfere with purposeful,  selective muscle use, worsen with stress or excitement, and cease during sleep.

ADCP is primarily associated with damage to the basal ganglia occurring during brain development.



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The typical TheraTogs client receives up to 10 hours of wearable therapy every day!